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Jeppesen Advanced Avionics Handbook

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The new FAA Advanced Avionics handbook gives aviation users inclusive information regarding the advanced avionics equipment available in aircraft used today. The content covers both VFR and IFR operations in aircraft using integrated “glass cockpit” avionics and instrumentation assisting pilots to better understand how and when to use the advanced avionics systems available today. This handbook is designed as a technical reference for pilots who operate aircraft with advanced avionics systems. Whether flying a conventional aircraft that features a global positioning system (GPS) navigation receiver or a new aircraft with the latest integrated “glass cockpit” advanced avionics system this handbook is very helpful in getting started. The arrival of new technology to general aviation aircraft has generated noticeable changes in three areas: information, automation, and options. Subjects covered include the Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi-Function Display (MFD), moving maps, terrain, cockpit weather, traffic data, fuel management systems, and electronic charts and checklists. Essential skills checklists and summaries conclude each chapter for a comprehensive review and quick-check reference. Soft cover, full-color illustrations, glossary, 114 pages.

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