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AeroShell 41 Hydraulic Fluid

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AeroShell 41 Hydraulic Fluid
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AeroShell 41 Hydraulic Fluid  This product is mineral based and has a excellent fluid properties.  It contains additives that provide excellent low temperature fluidity and anti-wear, oxidation as well as corrosion inhibition.

Temperature Range (unpressurized) 54 C to 90 C

                              (pressurized)  -54 C to 135 C

Meets MIL-PRF-5606H

Compatibility with synthetic rubber components

Dyed red for easy identification


Available in Quarts, Gallons and by the case

Click here for AeroShell TDS

Click here for AeroShell MSDS



  • U.S.: Approved MIL-PRF-5606H
  • British: Approved DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Superclean* (European production only) | Meets DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Normal (European production only) | Equivalent to DEF STAN 91-48 Grades Superclean* & Normal
  • French: Approved DCSEA 415/A
  • Russian: Analogue to AMG-10
  • NATO Code: H-515* (equivalent H-520)
  • Joint Service Designation: OM15* (equivalent OM-18)

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