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  • A comprehensive guide to composites.
ISBN: 978-1-61954-204-4
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    A Comprehesnsive Guide to Composites-ASA-COMP-101

    Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Composites Author: Kevin Fochtman Publisher: ASA Edition: Second ISBN: 978-1-61954-204-4 Pages: 144   This book was created to help readers understand tips an techniques from...
  • 8083-AMT-SET
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    ASA set of 4 AMT Handbooks-ASA-8083-AMT-SET

    This is a set of all 4 FAA 8083 Maintenance Technician Handbooks.  8083-31V1: AMT Handbook - Airframe, Volume 1ISBN 978-1-56027-950-18083-31V2: AMT Handbook - Airframe, Volume 2ISBN 978-1-56027-952-58083-32: AMT Handbook - PowerplantISBN...

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