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Gleim AMT Test Prep - Online Set (All 3 Tests)

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The Gleim AMT Test Prep Online suite of courses (Airframe, General, and Powerplant) use our sophisticated Knowledge Transfer System to ensure that you master all the information needed to become a competent and safe AMT and pass your 3 FAA knowledge tests with confidence. 

All topics necessary for certification are thoroughly explained. With extensive reference material and easy-to-understand audiovisual presentations, this online training course will help you pass your knowledge test while minimizing your time, cost, and frustration.

Course Elements

  • Introductory audiovisual presentations to stimulate thinking
  • Comprehensive study outlines
  • Interactive testing features with correct and incorrect answer explanations
  • FAA Knowledge Test Center emulations
What to Expect in a Study Unit
  • Each of the study units in the Gleim AMT Test Prep Online is divided into four sections referred to as Instructional Elements.
    • a Knowledge Transfer Outline
    • an Audiovisual Presentation
    • a Multiple-Choice Study Quiz
    • a Multiple-Choice Test Quiz
  • To assist you in your studies, there are two additional Instructional Elements in the course:
    • Stage Test
    • End-of-Course Test
  • The questions presented in the Gleim study unit quizzes are similar to questions combined in the FAA question database in order to prepare you thoroughly for your FAA knowledge test.
  • You will see all study unit questions twice. The test quiz randomizes the questions and answer choices you saw during the study quiz.
  • After each quiz/test, you will be provided with an opportunity to review the questions that you missed in the form of a Review Quiz.
  • Your scores on the study quiz and test quiz will be averaged together to determine your final score for each study unit.


Computer Requirements:
AMT Test Prep Online Minimum System Requirements for AMT Test Prep Online Browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher Google Chrome Version 52 or higher Apple Safari Version 8 or higher Software

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