Elt's and Elt Batteries

  • ACK E04.0 Elt replacement Battery
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    ACK E-04 Replacement Battery

    ACK E04.0 Replacement ELT battery  ELT BATTERY/LITHIUM/5 year/for use with ACK ELT's   Note:  This battery can only ship on UPS ground transportation.   USPS will not allow this item in the mail.   Please select UPS for your...
  • ACK 406/121.5 MHz ELT
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    ACK 406/121.5 MHz ELT

    The E-04 is a 406/121.5 MHz ELT intended for use in general and commercial aviation and is a direct replacement for the E-01 ELT. This ELT fits the E-01 mounting trays, uses the same remote control panel indicator, and the E-04 external antenna can use...
  • Artex 8322 Battery
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    Artex 8322 Battery

    Artex 8322 ELT battery   6 year Lithium (LiMnO2), Replacement Battery for Artex 345 ELT   This item is labled hazardous and additional shipping charges will apply.  Customer Service will contact you for those charges
  • Artex ELT 1000 406MHz
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    Artex ELT 1000 406 MHz

    8202 and 8203  Airtex ELT 1000  406 MHz ELT 8202 includes:   ELT 1000 Base Pack, installation hardware, audio buzzer and mounting tray 8203 includes:   ELT 1000 Base Pack,  whip antenna (110-773), remote switch...
  • Airtex 345 ELT System
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    Artex ELT 345 System

    Artex ELT 345 System   The Artex ELT 345 is built to the industry’s most stringent quality management standards to ensure the ELT works the first time, every time.  The Artex ELT 345 transmits on both 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz...
  • MERL BP-1010 ELT Battery
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    MERL(BP-1010) ELT Battery

    The BP-1010 can be used on the NARCO ELT 10 only (BS2166). For NARCO ELT 910 batteries please contact NARCO as they must re-certify the unit. Model # 00-10-009 Approved for Canadian use.
  • BP1030
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    Merl(BP1030) Pointer 3000 ELT Battery


    Merl(BP-1030) battery is a direct replacement for the following ELT's: Pointer 3000 Series; Pointer 3000 Series Mod A; Pointer 3000-2; ELT Battery Part Number: Pointer 2016 Rev A; Pointer 2018; Pointer 2018 HSP; Pointer 2018 HSM; Pointer M-2018; Pointer...

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