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Brightline Pack Cap Rear

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Brightline Pack Cap Rear
Brightline Pack Cap Rear
Brightline Pack Cap Reaar
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KCR Brightline Pack Cap Rear

This new rear cap will turn your small (B0, B2, B4) brightline bag into a backpack!  The backpack straps are built into the bag, but don't show when not in use.


BrightLine Bags, Inc. offers a 3 Year Conditional Warranty on its products. This means we will repair or replace any bag with a problem or a failure caused by a defect in material or manufacturing that occur during normal use for up to 3 years from purchase. Normal use will of course lead to normal wear and tear (with no resulting unexpected problems or failures) and this is indeed “normal”, so normal wear and tear is not covered by this Warranty, but manufacturing or material defects are. Obviously we can’t be expected to cover problems or failures caused by abnormal use of the bag. Abnormal use would include, but is not limited to: wear caused by dragging behind roller luggage on a J-hook or strap, over-loading the bag or over-stuffing pockets or compartments, shoving the bag into and out of cramped spaces, etc. We want you to be happy with your bag and we will do what it takes to make sure you are. We trust that you know the difference between problems that WE should be responsible for, and things that YOU should be responsible for. If you say it's a defect, we won't argue. We'll take care of you. We recognize that we might even get taken advantage of occasionally, but we'd rather be too helpful than not helpful enough. If your bag has manufacturing or material defects that have occurred during normal use, please contact us at You’ll also find a link on this page that will take you to our Warranty Form. If you can take a picture of the problem, it will help a lot. Also, find the 1-inch square white info tag inside the troubled component and take a picture of that too. That will help us make sure we know which part we’re dealing with. When you send photos, PLEASE USE "MEDIUM" SIZE. (Help us keep the email file size to a minimum.) Please be as detailed about your problem as you can. Also, please indicate when and where you purchased your BrightLine Bag. In most cases, if a replacement part is determined to be the proper course, we’ll send you a replacement part along with a pre-paid return label. You can just put the failed component in the same box and send it back to us. We know you can’t afford to have any down-time with your bag.

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