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Brightline B4 Swift Bag - Echo

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Brightline B4 Swift-Echo (front view) - SkySupplyUSA
Brightline B4 Swift-Echo (left side view) - SkySupplyUSA
Brightline B4 Swift-Echo (right side view) - SkySupplyUSA
Brightline B4 Swift-Echo (back view) - SkySupplyUSA
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Brightline B4 Swift-Echo (front view) - SkySupplyUSA
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Brightline B4 SWIFT-ECHO Bag

The B4 SWIFT-ECHO is exactly the same as the standard B4 SWIFT, except for two simple changes to make it work slightly better for our Airline Captains.  It comes with SPE (water bottle not included) instead of the SPA, and the J-Hook Main Handle instead of the plain Main Handle.

The B4 SWIFT-ECHO allows you to create several smaller bags without having to purchase other components.  The interior of the center section is large enough to carry a 13" laptop, plus other items. (The 2" Center (Sold Seperately) was designed for carrying only a laptop or files.) The Pocket Front Cap has 3 pockets, created to hold everything from your wallet and keys to your E6B. The side pockets offer you a place to keep a radio, pens, or other small items. (There is also a pocket that can fit a drink bottle, called the Bravo Pocket, which is sold seperately.) The Flat Rear Cap has 2 flat pockets on it, one that is open and can be unzipped on the bottom to fit over a luggage cart (sold seperately) and one that has a velcro closure and is a great size for documents. As for the center sections, the 4" Center is great for holding headsets (it comes with a sivider that allows you to store 2 pair), a GPS, or just about anything you can think of. This bag can be accessed through either the top pocket or it can be unziped along the front of the bag. This 4" center also has spots for the side pockets. It is the smallest bag with the ability to have pockets attached. 

Dimensions: 13.5" x 11.5" x 5"

Interior Storage: 4" MAX




BrightLine Bags offers a 3 Year Conditional Warranty on its products. What does this mean? It means we will repair or replace any bag with a problem caused by a defect in Manufacturing for up to 3 years from purchase. BrightLine Bags will not cover defects or issues caused by abnormal use of the bag. Abnormal use would include, but is not limited to: dragging behind roller luggage, running over by a car, mice eating the bag, fire, bullet holes, Soda spills, battery leakage, over loading, etc. We trust that you know the difference between stuff that we should be responsible for and things that you should be responsible for. If you say it's a defect, we won't argue. We'll take care of you. We recognize that we might get taken advantage of occasionally, but we'd rather over-support our products and make everyone happy. If your bag has failed through normal use, please contact us at Please be as detailed about your problem as you can. Include a photo of the problem if you can. (We use this information to get better results in our factory.) Also, please include when and where you purchased your BrightLine Bag.

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