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ASA TH-67 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide

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ASA TH-67 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide
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The ASA TH-67 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide are a must have for Army flight school students or anyone else learning to fly the TH-67 model helicopter. Created for the main purpose of helping you memorize and understand the material concerning safe and effective helicopter operations, these cards will help all TH-67 pilots master the aircraft. The deck includes 400 flash cards on the majority of material in Chapters 5, 8, and 9 of the TH-67 Operator’s Supplement and FAA/Army helicopter instrument procedures. Each card is labeled with the corresponding chapter in the Operator's Supplement, with the question being on one side and the answer being on the other. The answers also include references to specific materials to use for further study. The references include, AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual, AR95-1 - Aviation Flight Regulations (Department of the Army), FIH - Flight Information Handbook, FLIP - DOD/U.S. government Flight Information Publications, FM - Flight Manual 03-04.240, FTG - Flight Training Guide, GP - General Planning (DOD Flight Information Publication), IFRS - IFR Supplement, and OS - TH-67 Operator's Supplement.



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