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Universal Fuelhawk Gauge XXL 26"

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This is a 26" fuel gauge for use in a wide variety of aircraft. J-Air Fuelhawk fuel sticks are designed to let you visually measure fuel in the tank. Fuel exhaustion is a leading cause of general aviation accidents. Don't let your students or customers be a victim. Know how much fuel is in the tank with a J-Air Fuelhawk Gauge.
The new Universal Fuelhawk-26" is designed to work for pilots flying aircraft such as Helicopters, Piper Cubs, and aircraft with deep tip tanks. It works just like the standard 11" and 16" Universal FuelHawk only this one is 26" long. It can be calibrated for any aircraft and gives an instant readout in gallons of usable fuel. It comes with instructions, graph and calibration card.

Fuel exhaustion is one of the leading causes of general aviation accidents. Even if you don't own your own aircraft, but routinely rent the same aircraft, having a Fuelhawk fuel gauge in your flight bag is one more measure of safety you can provide yourself and your passengers.

Throw out your wooden dipsticks, and upgrade to a more accurate, reliable method of determining the fuel quantity in your tanks.


fuelstopsmall.jpg       Click here for  the new Fuel Stop tool.   Never lose your FuelHawk gauge again!

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