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  • ASA-8083-21A
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    Helicopter Flying Handbook

    Author FAA ISBN 978-1-56027-957-0 Effective 2012 Specs Softcover, 8-1/4" x 10-3/4",   full-color illustrations, glossary,   index, 200 pages. This is the FAA’s primary resource for helicopter...
  • asa-heli-fm
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    Helicopter Maneuvers Manual

    asa-heli-fm  Helicopter Maneuvers Manual by Ryan Dale This manual was written by Ryan Dale for both CFIs and the student.   He recognized the need for a manual that would illustrate exactly what to do and expect  in each part of a...
  • Principles of Helicopter Flight
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    Principles of Helicopter Flight

    Helicopter pilots need to thoroughly understand the consequences of their actions, and base them upon sound technical knowledge. This textbook provides a foundation by explaining why the helicopter flies and, more importantly, why it sometimes doesn't...

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