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Stainless Lock Wire .062

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MS20995C062  Stainless Lock Wire .062

American specification stainless steel locking wire in one pound (454g.) plastic clip on spools.

Product Reviews

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    An asset in disguise,

    Posted by Mort Triggs on 1st May 2019

    To those who have never been exposed to lock wire and its diverse uses, here’s a little ditty? At age 18, small town U S A; recent grads, either, went on to further education, ‘had to get married’ the ole’ do the right thing, or join the Military. Year for year small town males levitate torward one branch or another, 1966 was the year of ‘USMC’ ! Soit goes - you sign up for the draft! The following week, surprise the neighbor just got drafted! So- AFEES we go, bunch of test, to see what you might qualify for, if youre willing to sign on for four years. Being a motor head, surprise- i qualified to be an Aircraft mechanic (6013) if anyone recalls M O S’s! So off to basic A school where they introduce you to a wrench, if you progress, the next town l, and the next! One of the more intriguing were a set pf pliers called “Safety Wire Pliers” . The only job specific tool i ever handled to this point! Then the wire they were to be used on, and its unique purpose, you begin to understand the last thing you want flying a fighter jet at 500 knots, arebolts bing injested in your intake, a wing to part company, castellated lock nuts and bolts; unique in design, there are holes drilled through the points on the flanges? Well, further, depending on size, you used .020 .-.032. .041 diameter 316 Stainless annealed wire! The annealing process,allows the wire to be pliable ‘to a degree’ . Every single bolt head not secured by other means (tee nut) was to be wired to prevent any possibility of coming loose. So many twist per inch, as the diameter and annealing allowed, assured you, the pilot, R/o, crew, that is not a failure point. The fastening process is crucial, abd different to each application. Suffice it to say, if secured properly, any failure will not be caused do to usinglock wire! Fast forward fifty odd years later. The value learned of this product then, carries on by those aware of it uses. They are countless. I assure you this product will be the first item you check off before leaving to help your buddy with his projects! And I thought baling twine was handy!

  • 5

    Perfect size for sturdy clamp wire

    Posted by JBF, Wilson, WY on 6th Jun 2015

    This 0.062 wire is perfect for the ClampTite tool to make sturdy wire clamps for a many applications. It is much less expensive than buying the same type wire from ClampTite.

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