Specialty Tires of America

Specialty Tires are manufactured in the United States and offers these choices:

Air Trac - The Air Trac® is an excellent choice for single engine, piston aircraft. Ideal for soft-field applications – aircraft parked on grass. There is no competitive design for the unique narrow rib and oval shape. Specialty Tires of America is the only manufacturer designing a tire specifically for grass and field runways .

Air HawkIf you're looking for an increased level of performance and security at a price that won't bust your budget, the Air Hawk® is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Improved tread compounds and high-strength casings offer added wear resistance and an extra measure of security. FAA approved and tested by thousands of pilots, the Air Hawk® delivers reliable, cost-effective performance under a wide variety of takeoff and landing conditions.

Super Hawk - The best choice you can make when you need the highest levels of performance and extra-long tread life. Designed to handle higher landing speeds and heavier loads, the Super Hawk® offers advanced design, precision craftsmanship and over 90 years of tire manufacturing experience that we build in. The result is a premium belted aircraft tire that surpasses FAA specifications and matches the performance levels of far more expensive brands.

Aero Trainer - Designed for flight schools with single engine trainers. Why take a chance at a recap, when at a competitive price, you can have the high quality and durability of a new Aero Trainer® from Specialty Tires of America !

Aero Classic - Designed specially for classic planes including warbirds, DC-3's and Beech 18's. In many cases, Specialty Tires of America is the only US manufacturer left producing some of these tires. The Aero Classic® is also great for many foreign and European aircraft.


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