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ComposiClean Super Spray Wax

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Composiclean Super Spray Wax (CCSSW-QT)

 Try this unique one step polish and protection product to keep your aircraft looking great.  Super Spray Wax contains no toxic chemicals and is safe for use on all surfaces.  It leaves a smooth, shiny non static finish on all surfaces.  Works great on glass, chrome, fiberglass surfaces too.  Simply spray on and wipe off. Works with a MicroFiber Cloth.  Great for your car, boat or RV.


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Product Reviews

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    Easy to use

    Posted by Bud on 30th Jan 2016

    I LOVE COMPOSICLEAN PRODUCTS! They're GREAT on planes and more! 2002CorvetteRuby.jpg Testimony that Composiclean Products do the job.......Here is my friends 2002 Corvette that was done last summer. I took me 4 hours of complete detailing to accomplish this stunning result. It sold the next day Stephen Ruby Fox Valley Detailing Oshkosh, WI 54902 camarossconceptcar.jpg I was introduced to Composiclean Products in 2006. I can tell you that they have definitely shown the detailing world that a little R&D can provide customers with stunning results, as evidenced in these two vehicles. The first is the 1969 Custom “Camaro Concept Car” that Chevrolet will be using for the production 2010 auto and also the Convertible in 2011. After 4 and a half hours of buffing and polishing the end result is clearly evident in the photo. Second (below) is my friends 2007 Harley Softail Custom, complete with $4700.00 dollars worth of paint work. We used Composiclean products from start to finish on both. All the final "detailing" applications were conducted using Composiclean Super Spray Wax and Composiclean Tire Derssing. There is no finer product available anywhere! Stephen Ruby (CEO) Fox Valley Detailing & Midwest Aviation Consulting Helio Aircraft specialties Oshkosh, WI 54902-5919 softail2007.jpg robert2.jpg I bought a new 206 turbo last year, it’s a beautiful airplane and I like to keep it looking new. I bought a bunch of Composiclean supplies a few months ago while on an online shopping spree. After using them for a while I thought I'd write a thank you note to the company for providing such great products. Everything I have works as well as described or better & the plane stays cleaner longer with their Spray-Wax. I recommend it to people all the time. So, here it is… Thank you Composiclean !!! Robert, Turbo 206 ________________________________________________________________________ dave1.jpg I sell Cessna Aircraft. When I go to a show or when I’m out on a demo tour I need to have the airplane look its best and need it done fast and as easy as possible. Composiclean Super Spray –Wax is the best, the fastest and the easiest I’ve found & I’ve tried them all. I keep it at the Flight Center by the case. Dave B. Executive Aircraft Sales, Inc Ft. Lauderdale, FL _________________________________________________________________________ cjet2.jpg This one needs no text… Team Cessna keeping the Mustang shined up at Sun & Fun 07 display booth. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Matthias.jpg We at Flight Design recommend Composiclean for cleaning and detailing, all of our customers get a Composiclean “Proper Care Kit” with their new airplanes. Our experience and the experience of our customer have just been great. Matthias Betsch CEO- Flight Design GmbH Web: ________________________________________________________________________ Carter Part of our daily tasks at the Sun & Fun - Flight Design booth was helping to keep the planes detailed and looking great. Nicole & I love Composiclean Super Spray-Wax! It’s easy to use, leaves an incredible shine and smells good. The Super-Squeegee is awesome too. J. Carter ATP Director of Safety and Training Flight Design USA. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ BillPComanche.jpg I am over 60 years old and have never formally endorsed a product till now. I like keeping my things looking good and my beloved Comanche is no exception. After using Composiclean Super Spray-Wax I flew to an airport to pickup some people that I have not seen for 6 to 8 months and the young lady said did you just get your plane painted it looks great and the same thing happened when I flew to the radio shop to fetch a friend that left is plane for radio work. By the way, my planes paint is almost 10 years old and it lives out side 365 days a year in New England, hot and cold snow and rain. Composiclean Super Spray-Wax IS GOOD STUFF! Thanks, Bill - Comanche _______________________________________________________________________ BCCirrus.jpg I just got back from the airport, and while I only had about 15 minutes to try your products, I'm really impressed. It's so easy, it feels like you must be doing it wrong. I only worked on the bugs on one wing and the spinner, which is polished aluminum. Perfect. That is the best the spinner has ever looked. Tomorrow morning I intend to do the whole airplane, except for the belly. I also did one side window on the outside, I didn't have time for the inside. It is amazing how quickly the wax buffs to a hard polished surface. Thanks, Bud - SR22

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