Arrow Magnolia

  • Arrow Magnolia Aero Glaze
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    Aero Glaze (16oz.)

    Arrow Magnolia

    Aero Glaze (16oz.).  Wash your aircraft without dragging a hose, bucket, sponge, etc. out to the tie-down. Simply wipe this liquid on your aircraft, let dry and wipe off dirt and grime...
  • Arrow Magnolia Carbon X
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    Arrow Magnolia Carbon X

    Arrow Magnolia
    Carbon X, Removes exhaust deposits, fuel stains, oil and grease from the underside of fuselage, engine cowlings, wheel wells, etc. Dilutes 20 to 1; just spray on, let soak, then rinse...
  • arrow magnolia fleet wash / SkySupplyusa
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    Arrow Magnolia Fleet Wash

    Arrow Magnolia
    CD-3340-GL.  Arrow Magnolia Fleet Wash Arrow Magnolia Fleet Wash.   A water soluble, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic concentrate, it may be used in pennies-per-gallon...
  • Arrow Magnolia Helicopter Polish SkySupplyUSA
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    Arrow Magnolia Helicopter Polish and Protector

    Arrow Magnolia
    PP-3986G  Arrow Magnolia Helicopter Polish and Protector This product was developed for the helicopter industry, but is excellent on any acrylic, plexiglass, lexan or fiberglass surface. ...
  • Arrow Magnolia Poly Glide
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    Arrow Magnolia Poly Glide

    Arrow Magnolia
    PP-5665-GL.  Arrow Magnolia Poly Glide Professional Quality Aircraft Polish.   Formulated to Protect and  preserve your aircraft's finish.  Spray on and wipe dry! ...
  • Arrow Magnolia Shine Up
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    Arrow Magnolia Shine Up

    Arrow Magnolia
    Shine Up is a waterless detailer; an easy to use solution for virtually any vehicle that needs that finishing step to make it showroom ready.  Leaves behind a protective coating that provides a...
  • Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Kit
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    SkySupplyUSA Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Kit

    Arrow Magnolia
    Complete Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Kit featuring Arrow Magnolia Products.  Kit includes:   +  Carbon-X  Stain remover and degreaser (1 Gal.)   +  Fleet Wash ...

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