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BatteryMinder 12volt 128CEC2-AA-S5

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BatteryMinder 128CEC2-AA-S5  -  SkySupplyUSA
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BatteryMinder 12 volt 128CEC2-AA-S5

The perfect battery maintenance option.  BatteryMinders uses automatic aviaton specific technology to keep your battery performing at its best.  Fully automatic pulsed desulfation circuitry (not high voltage) designed to safely dissolve sulfation build-up on the battery's storage plates, restoring lost cranking power, and extending life. They also feature a temperature compensating sensor to ensure that batteries can be safely charged and maintained for extended periods of time in extreme temperatures. Without this type of temperature sensing, batteries will be under-charged in colder temperatures, and over-charged in high temperatures.

  • Battery Voltage -  12 volts
  • Battery Brands -  Concorde RG or Flooded CB
  • Battery Type -  Both Sealed and Flooded
  • Input voltage -  120 volt
  • Automatic Desultation
  • Maintains 1 - 6 batteries at a time
  • At the battery temperature sensor
  • weather-proof

Click here for Charger / Maintainer / Desulfator Instruction Manual


BatteryMinder Interface Cable available for permanent installation 

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