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ASA Sport Pilot Weather to Fly DVD

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ASA Sport Pilot Weather to Fly DVD - SkySupplyUSA
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Sport Pilots fly lower and slower than General Aviation pilots, so weather plays a critical factor in your flying. This straightforward and beautiful presentation features time-lapsed cinematography of cloud formations, in-air footage, and animations. This DVD simplifies complex weather concepts as well as illustrates consequences of pilot judgement in a 5-step system specific to Sport Pilots and light-sport aircraft operations. You will learn to forecast local conditions, interpret weather information accurately, make better decisions about "whether to fly," and learn to see trends - so you "get smarter each time you fly." Includes booklet with worksheets for an interactive learning experience. Companion to the Sport Pilot Logbook (ASA-F2F-LOG).

- Watch the Movie Trailer, which includes scenes from the DVD:
- The video quality has been reduced for viewing over the internet.
Program Outline:
- Introduction (The Global Energy Engine) 
Step 1: Information Resources, Preflight Preparation (Regional Weather, Local Conditions & Upper Air, Sport Pilot Briefing) 
Step 2: Observing Your Local Weather (Clouds, Terrain, Wind & Gusts) 
Step 3: Whether to Fly? (Compare Aircraft/Pilot Capabilities to the Weather, Evaluate Physical Condition & Mental Attitude) 
Step 4: The Flight (Flight Planning, Instruments, Flight Techniques) 
Step 5: Analysis (Flight Conditions, Events, Predictions, Feedback, Determine Trends & Patterns) 
Special DVD features:
- Scene selection 
- Movie trailers 
- Digitally mastered 
- Interactive menus 
- English digital audio 
- Main feature total running time 01:20:12

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