ASA Headset Accessories

  • ASA Double Headset Bag

    ASA Double Headset Bag

    ASA-BAG-HS, ASA Double Headset Bag   Transport and protect your communications equipment in style. This double-sided case holds a headset, intercom, and push-to-talk switch on each side. Or use one side for your headset and peripherals and the...
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  • ASA Gel Headset Ear Seals 

    ASA Gel Headset Ear Seals

    ASA-HS1-GEL *The ultimate in comfort and fit. *Fits most major brands of headsets. Replace worn-out or uncomfortable earseals and enjoy increased comfort, improved noise protection, and better communications. The properties of the inner gel material...
    MSRP: $24.95
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  • ASA Helicopter Adapter

    ASA Helicopter Adapter

    ASA-HS-HELADPT *Increase headset versatility. *Compatible with all general aviation headsets. Features shielded tensile strength wire and a polyurethane casing. Converts General Aviation two plugs into a helicopter single plug connection.
    MSRP: $49.95
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  • ASA HS-1 Headset Headpad

    ASA HS-1 Headset Headpad

    The ASA AirClassics™ Headset Head Pad offers a super soft, microfiber head pad cover that slips onto the enclosed head pad (or your current one). It has an easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure for easy installation, removal, and adjustment. It...
    MSRP: $19.95
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    ASA HS-1A Ear Covers

    ASA-HS-1-COVER, ASA HS-1A Ear Covers   Provides the ultimate in comfort Fits most major brands of headsets/earseals 100% Cotton Washable Adding earseal covers is an easy and inexpensive headset upgrade that can make a big difference in...
    MSRP: $8.95
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  •  ASA Microphone Muff with O-Ring

    ASA Microphone Muff with O-Ring

    *Made of acoustically transparent Sonic FoamTM. *Protects against moisture, dirt, and debris. *Helps eliminate excess wind and background noise. Hypo-allergenic and washable for years of trouble-free use! Simply pull the Microphone Muff over your headset...
    MSRP: $4.95
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  • ASA Push-to-Talk Switch

    ASA Push-to-Talk Switch

    ASA-PTT-1, ASA Push-to-Talk Switch Good communications are essential to a successful flight. This convenient switch mounts to the yoke with a velcro strap, allowing pilots to use their thumb to push the button and communicate with ATC, Unicom, or other...
    MSRP: $29.95
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  • ASA Single Headset Bag

    ASA Single Headset Bag

    ASA-BAG-HS-1, ASA Single Headset Bag   Protect your communication equipment and organize your flight gear. This headset bag is for those who like to fly with minimum baggage. It has room for one headset, an intercom, and push-to-talk switch, and...
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  • iCloth Avionics Wipes at SkySupplyUSA

    iCloth Cleaning Wipe (10 pack)

    iCloth one step anitstatic cleaning wipes  (10 pack) Excellent for all displays Removes dust and residue without streaking Leaves a perfect anti-static finish Made from Dupont Sontara wipes Approved by USAF, US Navy and most aircraft and...
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