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ASA Calm in the Face of Conflict

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ASA-CALM,ASA Calm in the Face of Conflict

Author: Cheryl Cage
ISBN: 0-9714266-1-9

"I wish someone had given me this book when I was 16. These simple strategies can spare you a lot of worry and indecision." — Pat Boyd, Former Associate Superintendent of Schools, Nevada

"This book makes so much sense — in addition to being a fun and thought-provoking read!" — Diana Zettlemoyer, Real Estate Appraiser Business Owner

If you have ever found yourself:

  • Wishing you could grab words out of the air the second you’ve spoken them,
  • Avoiding conflicts instead of resolving them,
  • Spending too much time ‘researching’ a problem instead of solving it,
  • Losing sleep over a decision or conflict… (And who hasn’t?)


…Then you have come to the right book!

Cheryl Cage, President of Cage Consulting, Inc., has been an Airline Pilot Career Consultant since 1988. Through seminars and book sales she has assisted over 20,000 pilots in preparing for airline interviews. She has also consulted with over 4,000 pilots in discovering individual strategies for handling long-term career goals and specific job problems and concerns.

Because of the extensive responsibilities that come with being a member of a professional flight crew, pilots understand the need for recognizing trouble early, value a systematic problem solving process, and strive for the ability to implement decisions in a calm and practiced manner. In Calm in the Face of Conflict, Cheryl shares twelve important, yet simple, strategies for thinking through problems, decisions, and conflicts that she and her clients have successfully employed time and time again. Presented in an easy and relaxed style, these twelve strategies are shared through everyday personal and business situations that any human being can identify with. If you are looking for ways to recognize your problems earlier, discover solutions in a more organized style, and implement decisions in a calmer more effective manner, then this is the book for you!

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