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ASA 6-Inch Circular Computer

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ASA E6B Circular Computer
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This circular E6B flight computer from ASA is a great tool for flight planning, training, and studying. It can also be used on your FAA written knowledge test. It has a heavy duty construction and easy-to-read lettering to make calculations easy. It is double-sided, one side is a calculator and the other is a wind side. The calculator side of the computer uses conventional slide rule procedures to help you solve multiplication and division as well as convert units and employ scales for performing time, speed, distance, rate, fuel consumption, altitude, airspeed, air temperature, and pressure pattern calculations. The wind side gives you everything you need to use the graphic method of problem solving and displays answers in a useful form. It also allows you to compute simple addition and subtraction problems, solve for true wind, winds in flight, true course and ground speed, true heading and true airspeed, and off-course correction calculations. It can also be written on with pencil and easily wiped off to compute your next problem.


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