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Violet the Pilot in France

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Join Violet the Pilot on her many different adventures! On each of her different adventures, Violet flies a different aircraft. All four books take place in different countries that have drastically different climates, geographies, and weather conditions and during different seasons. Take you kids on a high-flying adventure today with Violet the Pilot at the yoke!

The Violet the Pilot books are written by Bettina Jenkins Bathe and illustrated by Barbra Fortin. One dollar ($1) of every Violet the Pilot Book sold is donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, in memory of the author's father, Clifford Leslie Bertram Jenkins, who passed away in 2003. The author thanks you in advance for your support. In addition, select copies are autographed by the author. AUTOGRAPH NOT GUARANTEED.

Title Violet the Pilot in France
Author Bettina Jenkins Bathe
Illustrator Barbra Fortin
Description This particular story takes place in France during the fall. One day in the south of France, Violet took two friends up in her hot air balloon. While Violet is trying to outrun a storm, her chase crew is trying to find a road that will allow them to follow her! Will Violet land safely? Will her chase crew be able to find a path to meet up with her? Read along to find out!
Excerpt "Stealth and Shadow could not find a road where the balloon was going! Sirocco was worried. If they lost sight of the balloon, they would not be able to help Violet when she landed!" (Violet the Pilot in France, pg. 17)
Pages 30
ISBN 0-9738290-0-1
Style Soft Cover, Full Color, 8.5 x 11 inches
Publisher Violet the Pilot Enterprises Inc.
Additional Information          Select copies of this book are autographed by the author. AUTOGRAPH NOT GUARANTEED! Every book purchased is a $1 donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Suggested for children ages 5 to 9.

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