• 3D Laser cut Wooden Aviator Ornament
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    3D Laser cut Wooden Aviator Ornament

    Born Aviation
    This adorable little aviator ornament is 4.5 inches tall and is composed of multiple layers of colored wood. It comes in a display box with a clear lid.
  • ornament-angel
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    Angel Ornament

    Powder Puff Pilot
    This ornament features a sweet porcelain angel riding atop a wooden airplane. It measures4 inches from prop to tail, has a 3 inch wingspan, and is 3.25 inches from the tip of her wing to the bottom of the tire.
  • Metal Biplane Ornament
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    Metal Biplane Ornament

    Born Aviation
    This metal biplane ornament is painted and coated in the matching color of glitter. It comes in three different colors and measures 2.5 inches from nose to tail and has a 2.5 inch wingspan. 
  • P-51 Sun/Light Catcher Ornament
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    P-51 Sun/Light Catcher Ornament

    Born Aviation
    This beautiful ornament is made from a hand-painted 3 inch round piece of recycled glass. It comes with the ornament as well as a ribbon to hang it. It can be used as an ornament for the holidays and then move it to the window after... It's also a...
  • Rosie The Riveter Christmas Ornament 
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    Rosie The Riveter Christmas Ornament

    Born Aviation

    This Bright colored Christmas Ornament has Rosie on two sides with "We Can Do It" printed between. See through display box with red and white Polka dots.  3"
  • Snowman & Santa Ornaments (Each)
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    Snowman or Santa Ornament

    Born Aviation
    Please add preference in order comments or order 2 to receive both These adorable clay ornaments are the perfect addition to your Christmas Tree!
  • Snowman Pilot LED Bulb
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    Snowman Pilot LED Bulb

    Born Aviation
    This friendly snowman pilot wants to greet your family and friends this holiday season! It has 6 LED lights, one in his nose, one in each of his goggles, and 3 on the background. It is a round bulb with a 3 inch diameter. The nose sticks out slightly...
  • Tin Airplane Ornament 
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    Tin Airplane Ornament

    Born Aviation
    Two assorted color schemes, sold individually. 4 1/4 inches If you have a preference, please let us know in the order comments and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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