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FARO G2 General Aviation PNR Headset

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FARO G2 General Aviation PNR Headset
FARO G2 General Aviation PNR Headset
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FARO G2 General Aviation PNR Headset
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The FARO® G2 General Aviation PNR Headset provides top-notch comfort with precision audio to bring you a headset that surpasses many of its' competitors in terms of weight, noise reduction, and durability - now backed with a 3-Year Full Coverage Manufacturer's Warranty. Some of the key features of this headset include, a super-soft head cushion, a noise cancelling electret microphone, silicone gel ear pads, and a volume control for each ear. The large head cushion is made of soft, durable, lightweight fiber to provide more comfort for long flights, and the ultra-thick silicone gell ear seals provide improve comfort in addition to providing 26db of noise reduction. The noise cancelling electret microphone is fully adjustable, swivels so it can be worn on the left or right, and delivers high quality, crystal clear communication. The headset is compatable with both Stereo and Mono aircraft avionics, which may disable one cups audio if it is in the wrong setting. There is a switch on the cord to switch between the settings. Please note that the factory setting is Mono. In addition to all of these great qualities, the FARO G2 PNR Headset is also mp3/audio compatible via an included 3.5mm auxillary cable that plugs into the cup opposite the microphone.

Technical Specifications (from FARO G2 PNR Headset Manual):

Headphone Headphone Dynamic
Frequency Response

50 Hz to 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 95±5 dB SPL typical, measured at 1 kHz, 1 mW full Volume on KEMAR ear simulator



Bias Required: 8-32 VDC through 150-1000 Ohms

Frequency Response

100Hz to 5kHz

Sensitivity: 33±4 dB using 0 dB SPL=20.0uPA at 1kHZ with 10 VDC 150 Ohms AC load as reference

Battery Life Up to 30 hours, depending on battery type, battery age, ambient noise levels, and temperature.
Headset Adjustable Range 3.9 to 5.5 in/10 to 14 cm
Headset Weight 23 oz/650 g

Operating: -4°F to 158°F/ -20°C to 70°C

Storage: -31°F to 167°F/-35°C to 75°C

Cord Length 4.92 ft/150 cm


3-Year Full Coverage Warranty If anything happens to your headset in your first 3 years of owning it, simply ship it back to Faro Aviation. Faro Aviation customers are also eligible for lifetime wear and tear protection. Please note that messing with the inner workings of the ear cups or with the cords can void this warranty.

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